Pure Barre Upper West Side
412 Columbus Avenue | (917) 965-2175
During Pure Barre’s calorie-burning classes, clients embrace their inner ballerina and leave with a sexier silhouette. Subtle isometric movements quickly tone the entire body, producing noticeable results in just 10 sessions. Founded by former professional dancer and choreographer Carrie Rezabek Dorr, the first Pure Barre studio opened in Birmingham, Michigan in 2001. Today, there are over 200 locations nationwide, as well as a line of DVDs, equipment, apparel and more. Each intense 55-minute class includes low-impact strength exercises followed by stretches, helping to burn fat, sculpt abs, and firm arms, glutes and thighs without building bulk. The result is a graceful yet challenging workout, designed to strengthen muscles and create a dancer-like physique. And since there’s no jumping around, joint problems won’t be a problem. If you want get your beach body well in just a few weeks, this is the program for you.
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