Manhattan by Sail - Shearwater Classic Schooner
North Cove Marina at the World Financial Center | (212) 619-6900
Refined adventure-lover. Meet the Shearwater Classic Schooner. 82 FOOT L.O.A. STAYSAIL SCHOONER USCG CERTIFIED FOR 49 PASSENGERS Are you game for an intimate, active, yachting experience aboard a stately yacht of yesteryear? Prepare for a refined adventure. You will hear "watch your head, sail coming across" when you partake in this engaged yachting experience. Your crew will deftly carry out your Captain's commands while a server makes the rounds and takes your drink order. The Shearwater was built to heel over; you will feel her smooth agility beneath you as you attune to her movement. During this refreshing, transformative, sense-soothing experience, you may catch some salty-fresh invigoration from spray in the forward quarter and with enough wind, you'll be close enough to the water to dip your toes. THE BOAT Be whisked back in time to the Roaring 20s aboard this beautifully restored 1929 sailing ship. The pinnacle of luxury yachts at the time; the Shearwater is a blue water ocean cruiser who has been around the globe. She's sailed the Pacific, been through the Panama Canal and won classic yacht races in NY and New Zealand. Like New Yorkers, she's got character and depth. With a length of 82 feet larger than the Mayflower and a width of 16.5 feet, she's one of largest sailboats built in her era yet she provides an intimate experience with a yachting-feel for up for 49 passengers. Seating is ad-hoc: find a place to sit on a bench, deck-box or skylight or the owner's favorite spot directly on the original Rangoon teak deck. With a spiral staircase and mahogany interior, you'll be immersed in the Gatsby era and Gilded Age while looking at modern-day New York City skyline. THE REFRESHMENTS Though you may bring your own food, the Shearwater has a server who walks around to bring you reasonably-priced soda, beer, biodynamic and organic Italian wines, and premium mixed drinks (from our on-deck coolers). THE LOCATION Sailing fits easily into your downtown itinerary. Shearwater Classic Schooner berths at the North Cove Marina at Brookfield Place (formerly the World Financial Center) in Lower Manhattan walking distance from the 9/11 Memorial, One World Trade and City Hall. Get Directions. THE HISTORY Rich in history, the Shearwater is a national landmark. She's had books and movies written about her. The last luxury yacht built in her shipyard in Boothbay, Maine before the stock market crash of 1929, she was the pinnacle of Gastby-era yacht building elegant and adventurous. Read more about the Shearwater Classic Schooner. WHO IS SHEARWATER BEST SUITED FOR? The Shearwater is best-suited for adults who seek an active yet refined sailing experience aboard a stately yacht of yesteryear.