Le Bon Skin Lab
787 Lexington Avenue 2nd Floor | (888) 968-8698
"BEAUTIFUL SKIN REQUIRES COMMITMENT NOT A MIRACLE" WE BELIEVE THAT "BEAUTY IS ABOUT BEING COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN", AND WE'RE HERE TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE THAT! *ALL FACIALS INCLUDES DEEP CLEANSING, STEAM, MASSAGE, EXTRACTION AND A CUSTOM MASK THAT BENEFITS YOUR SKIN TYPE.* LE BON CUSTOMIZED FACIAL (60 MIN / $120) Enjoy a relaxing facial with a treatment of your choice! Choose from a Microdermabrasion that gently buffs away your dull, rough dead skin, revealing your skin's natural glow; or an Ultrasound that uses high frequency vibration to penetrate the surrounding tissue resulting in an energized, rosy and firmer skin.
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