15 East 17th Street | (212) 206-8989
Conveniently located at Union Square, Laut was one of the first Malaysian restaurants to receive a Michelin Star in NY. We focus on bringing the best recipes, dishes and flavors from South East Asia for you. Our goal is to preserve the flavor profiles of each dish, while maintaining the integrity of each cuisine. The only way to achieve that is to recreate them from scratch with regionally authentic spices and the freshest ingredients. Laut, in Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language), translates to Sea. These straits or seas of these coastal cities played a crucial role in the region’s history, navigating traders and travelers from all over the world. At Laut, we’ll navigate your palates through an adventurous journey of flavors through our cuisine. Our menu ranges from local favorites, street foods, different curries, spicy & sour broths, satays, noodles, bread (roti), and rice dishes.
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