Industry City - Courtyard 1/2
635 2nd Avenue | (718) 965-6450
It started in the 1890s when Irving T. Bush began to build a monumental intermodal manufacturing, warehousing and distribution center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Due to its prominent location, immense scale, and structure that supported a wide spectrum of businesses, Industry City (then known as Bush Terminal) flourished. It quickly became one of most successful facilities of its type, employing nearly 25,000 workers per day and enabling Brooklyn to become a major international seaport. By the 1960s, urban manufacturing had started its long decline. Most of Industry City’s major manufacturers – most notably the legendary Topps Baseball Card company – closed their doors or moved away, and Industry City suffered through a period of disinvestment and decay for 40 years. In 2013, this all changed. A new ownership group, led by Belvedere Capital and Jamestown, began to redevelop Industry City. Over the past two years, Industry City has leased more than two million square feet of space and created over 2,000 jobs, capitalizing on the rapidly emerging innovation economy. It encompasses the full arc of physical, digital and engineered product design and development, including initial research, engineering, design, manufacturing, and production. Once again, the property fulfills its purpose as a thriving center of commerce and local employment.