EPIC Hybrid Training Center
226 East 54th Street | (646) 450-2405
Cult-hit fitness studio EPIC Hybrid Training makes it fun to achieve a level of training at your own personal highest level. With EPIC's unique high intensity circuit course, you will challenge your body to its optimum shape, strengthen your focus, and feel an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. The founder and head trainer Alex Nicholas brings his expertise as a nationally ranked obstacle race pro and Reebok's Spartan Sponsored Athlete, to help you achieve your goals - whether that's achieving your optimum physique, losing weight, or taking on a race. In a single class, you will be moving quickly from body weight work, to kettlebell, to any number of challenging moves like rope climbing, jumping walls, or even spear throwing into a bale of hay on the rooftop! In short, your mind will never be bored, as your body continuously improves. Just one class and you'll find out why EPIC has been creating waves as the next big fitness movement, and is covered monthly in prestigious publications including The New York Times, CBS, ABC, to Jillian Michael's Sweat Inc.