Ease Medspa + Wellness
133 East 54th street | (212) 625-8966
Ease Medspa + Wellness is one of the largest facilities in the New York Metropolitan area, devoted to “Natural and Whole Body Health & Beauty Care” to heal you naturally. Featuring a 2500-sqft facility, we are located in the historic district of Soho, nearby Little Italy and Chinatown, surrounded by historic buildings with quiet elaborate architectural designs. There is natural balance between Mind, Body and Spirit, Ease Medspa + Wellness's commitment to environment is reflected in our interior design, natural beauty and non-invasive treatments, award-winning products combining with the latest modern technology. Showing the same inside of the creation of our Medi Spa space, bringing our vision to life with wellness by design. Our goal is to create a personalized Natural Health & Beauty treatment plan for You!