Coco & Cru
643 Broadway | 212-614-3170
There’s a country-kitchen feel to the design of this café, with its white picket fence propped up against the windows, several rough-hewn but polished wooden two-tops, and one long elevated table with metal stools, not far from a steel-and-glass cabinet filled with Vegemite and empty Mason jars. On a summer’s day, you might find a single yellow chrysanthemum placed on your table to bring out the lemon-yellow trim in the room. It’s that kind of place. Beef is grass-fed; almond milk is made in-house; chicken and eggs alike are organic. And while a sign on the wall says, in big, bold letters, MADE IN USA WITH AUS PARTS, there are some decidedly un-Australian items to choose from, too, like huevos rancheros and pastries from Balthazar. Then there’s the “Aussie” burger, which comes topped by beets and a sunny-side-up egg. Wash it down with a fresh-pressed juice concoction spiked with mezcal, pisco, or cachaça.