Circa Brewing Co
141 Lawrence Street | (718) 858-0055
The latest addition to Brooklyn’s brewery scene, Circa Brewing Co is a 6,000 sq foot, fully functioning brewery and pizza restaurant, hidden in plain sight on Lawrence Street. The design of Circa Brewing Co is a collaboration between Brooklyn-based architecture firm Greg Yang Design (GYD) and owner Gerry Rooney, with visual identity by MGMT. and brand strategy and direction by Texture. Inspired by Brooklyn’s manufacturing spaces and drawing from the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, Circa was fashioned using ground-faced concrete units, cast glass block, steel, and rough sawn solid wood, with industrial accents inspired by late-80s Manchester nightclub the Hacienda. About those little colored squares: those are from the SRM, or Standard Reference Method, a system used to identify beers by color. The SRM shows the general intensity of a beer, from the pale gold of a four, all the way to the deep chocolate hue of a 40. Adopted by the American Society of Brewing Chemists in 1951, the SRM hasn’t really seen much use until now. We think it’s a great way to discover new beers and explore others that fit your favorite profile. Bottoms up, everybody, and welcome to Circa.