$15 Off Food, Drinks, Toiletries, Essentials & More + 20-40 Min Delivery
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SuperFast is on a mission to make your life easier. They stock inventory at their own facility so they can deliver it to you ASAP. In a nutshell, when you're in need of snacks, drinks, toiletries, essentials & more, expect SuperFast to deliver what you need in 20-40 minutes!

For a limited time, SuperFast is offering $15 Off with code PULS15 - no matter what you need in a pinch, expect convenience, quality, and speed.

SuperFast gets what you crave, what you desire, and what you need to your doorstep - even the things you need to top-up on when you run out, be it toilet paper, sunscreen, laundry detergent, La Croix sparkling water, ice cream, makeup remover wipes, and much, more more.

Select the items you want, confirm your order and that's it! Carefree living at its best...

New York, NY


One of the most amazing aspects of this city is the convenience factor - you can usually get anything, anywhere, but that usually involves leaving your apartment or waiting long periods of time. Cue SuperFast, your new go-to for fast, reliable, city-that-never-sleeps level convenience, delivered ASAP.

Order in seconds, delivered in minutes - their network of couriers that deliver your items to you at your door between 20-40 minutes or less. They will call you as they arrive to ensure your order is promptly delivered.

From a serious case of the munchies to a sudden need for lip balm or Dayquil, SuperFast has it all. Think Sour Patch Kids, Tate's Cookies, RX Bars, Ben & Jerry's, Vita Coco Coconut Water, Keurig pods, toothpaste, shampoo...the list goes on and on!

SuperFast has your back every day of the week from 9:00am-12:00am, so sit back, get $15 Off with code PULS15, relax and await a speedy arrival...

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