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Meet ZZ Top At Their Album Release

Meet ZZ Top As They Release Their First Album in 9 Years. They'll Perform Some Jams Too
23 Park Row |
Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
5:00PM - 7:00PM
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The first new studio album from ZZ Top in nine years is LA FUTURA, set for release September 11 by American Recordings. The album harks back to the hallmark raw sound of the band's formative years and will, inevitably, be considered a return to form on multiple levels. Meet ZZ Top, get them to sign your copy and who knows, there could very well be a couple of free jams!

- Making it Happen With ZZ Top

LA FUTURA, produced by Rick Rubin and Billy F Gibbons, the band’s guitarist/singer, finds the legendary group infusing the newly recorded work with the electric blues/roots approach that typified ZZ Top's earliest work while, at the same time, reaching for new sonic horizons. At its fundament, this is the incarnation of the band whose influence resonates today with such artists as The Black Keys, Jack White, Queens of the Stone Age and many others.

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