Why grant us access to your personal information? When we know more about your interests, we can better recommend what's relevant to you and your friends. Review the way we use your information below, and perhaps you'll change your mind.

Access my basic information: This information is required by all apps on Facebook and is always requested as a default.

Send me email: We want to be able to notify you about the latest events and new finds. Your privacy is our number one priority, and we will never share or sell your email address to anyone. If you want to change your contact email at any time, you can always do so by editing your personal settings.

Access my profile information: We ask for your interests, birthday, and current city so that we can customize what you see to match what means the most to you.

Access my friends' information: We ask for your friends' information so that we can show you who is on pulsd in your city and recommend events that you will both be interested in. As always, we will never share any of our data with third parties.

Aggregate my activity: Facebook's new open graph feature allows you to translate key information about your recent activity on pulsd to your facebook page, so that you can easily keep track of bookmarked events and followed venues all in one place.

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