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Free Tickets To The 2012 Comedy Awards

Love Comedy? Grab Your Free Tickets To The 2012 Comedy Awards in NYC
311 West 34th Street | (212) 279-7740

Saturday, April 28th, 2012
5:00PM - 8:00PM
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The Comedy Awards 2012 is the second annual blockbuster event dedicated to celebrating the art of comedy. Now, you can get your hands on up to 300 free tickets to this awards night on Saturday April 28, 2012! Details below:

- The 2012 Comedy Awards - Free Tickets

This historic, one-night-only celebration will honor the most talented writers, directors, actors and stand-ups, who provided the laugh track to our lives this past year: the pioneers who pushed boundaries; the TV shows that we rushed home for; the movies that are etched into our collective pop-culture memory; the stand-up comedians and the viral videos that make us laugh every day.

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